Saturday, August 13, 2011

Howard Pugilistica - the Howard Boxing Stories Project

The wheels of progress finally begin to move and I have some positive news to report : I have wrapped up the second proofing of the contents of volume one and am now in the midst of writing the introduction which is tentatively titled:  Dornálaí - Boxing's Influence on Robert E. Howard.  With the title, I tried to reflect Howard's intense interest in all things Gaelic by using what I hope is the proper term for 'Boxer' in the Gaelic language.  (If this is not an accurate translation please let me know by leaving a comment with reference - thanks!)

We are shooting for four volumes and have already completed the initial proofing of volumes two and three. I am very excited and cannot wait for this set to be completed. Patrice Louinet and Mark Finn will be handling the reins for volume two and four while Patrice and I will head up volumes one and three. Mark and I have also come up with a gem of an idea that will be sure to set Howard fandom on fire! More to come soon!

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