Friday, March 1, 2013

Tales of the Ice House - an Update

Fans of Robert E. Howard and Boxing listen up:

TALES OF THE ICE HOUSE: The Collected Boxing Stories of Robert E. Howard


The grunt work for all four volumes of the Robert E. Howard boxing collection has been completed. Patrice Louinet, Mark Finn, and my humble self have assembled every scrap of Howard boxing material we could find, including many never before seen artifacts, into the most comprehensive collection of Howard boxing material ever produced. This is definitive people.

We will announce the release date as soon as Rob Roehm provides one. Rob has the unenviable task of preparing each volume for publication. It's a mountain of work but if you've haven't seen the books he's produced so far please head over to and prepare to be amazed. I am confident these books will knock your socks off!