Monday, February 13, 2012

Volume Two - Almost There!

Good news Howard fans! Volume two of the complete boxing stories of Robert E. Howard is nearing the finish line. Volume two is full of surprises and there are several that will knock your socks off. I'm sorry, I can't give too much away but with Patrice and Mark handling the essays and introductions for this volume I am certain you won't be disappointed. More news coming soon ...yes, that means volume three is on my radar!
This is NOT the cover of the boxing project volumes.
It's the cover of the book I edited (Boxing Stories - Robert E. Howard) 
for Bison Books, beautifully crafted by master artist Gary Gianni.


  1. This set of books will answer many questions, not only about his boxing tales but also about his life. Glad you are interested, Keith.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this series completed. A very nice addition to Howard studies, for sure.

  3. Thanks, Charles! As a huge fan of Howard's work, this will be, for me, a capstone accomplishment. I am hoping it will encourage other Howard fans who are not as familiar with his non-fantasy work to read and appreciate these stories.

  4. It's been said before, and by more erudite folks than I, but it bears repeating...

    If you really want to know Robert E. Howard, you've GOT to read his boxing stories!

    (it wasn't just another market he wrote for, folks)