Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been some time since my last update. In that time I've been writing fiction, rehabilitating a nerve injury, and transcribing personal letters to Word documents. Mark Finn, my fellow Howardian junkie, has let loose with the Howard low-down over at his blog:

The fiction is a smattering of work that covers several genres and includes more than one type of media. I'm continuting to chronicle the adventures of Main 'Mwi, the half Miami scout that first debuted in the anthology dedicated to Robert E. Howard, called Dreams in the Fire. I've received a good deal of positive feedback regarding this character and the story, Dead River Revenge. The creative well for this character is very deep and I can't imagine running out of ideas for this historical-weird series. Yeah, I know, you want to know what the hell an historical-weird tale is? It's exactly what it sounds like; a crossroads of history and the weird pulp tale.

The second piece of fiction I've been working on is meant for the comic book format. The title (tentative) is Myth-Hunter and it records the adventure of the paranormal investiagtor, Alexander Dagda. He's a cross between Robert E. Howard's hard-boiled detective Steve Harrison and Dylan Dog (the Italian comic or even the Dark Horse version.) Look, I know this particular road has been traveled before but I think there have been many alleys left undiscovered. I like what I have written and I certainly like the world I have placed Dagda in. It's a concotion of all the pagan, literary, and historically unidentiafiable myths I've always been fascinated with. I'm an historian and I like to think that I create a believable sense of the arcane that has been missing from much of this genres recent represetatives. Besides, who doesn't like Lovecraftian allusions tempered with real world occult mysteries? This adventure has it all; modern Druids, Cthulian possibilities, Howardesque action and a frantic pace that that allows me to really dig deep without becoming boring.
FYI - I'm looking for an illustrator!

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  1. So any idea when the Main 'Mwi story will be available for reading?

  2. Didn't know you were dipping a toe into the graphic genre. Sounds really interesting. It's the combination of elements from all over that make these kinds of things so fun.

  3. Sorry to those that have posted - I am currently unable to reply to your posts individually. Not sure why but I am trying to fix it.

    @ Keith - I've got to find a buyer. There isn't much of a market for this type of story but I will keep plugging away until I find a home for these tales.

    @ Charles - I didn't know I was dipping in the graphic pool until I picked up a new comic recently. The story was lame and I thought, "I wonder if I could do this?" The combination you mention is exactly the kind of approach that I yearn for. I think you'd dig Dagda - he's new to the arcane but a quick study. I've enjoyed creating him and his world. I'm just getting started, though I doubt he will ever be published in the comic book format. I'm hoping to snag an artist, create a spec copy and see where it all leads.